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I´m sorry to inform you that the extension is temporarily unavailable for new installations and the support for active extensions is discontinued, due to the current situation imposed by COVID-19.

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Powerful CRM Visual Map tool for small to big organizations.


  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Opportunities
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Map deals
  • Color States
  • Advanced filters
  • Overdue Activities
  • Granular Access Control
  • Team Management
  • Direct Task Creation
  • Direct Calling
  • Conversation Recording
  • Individual deal tracking
  • Automatic dateloss deal detection
  • Smart Sync
  • Geographic Segmentation
  • Multi-language
  • One-click Installation
  • Sales Tips and Tricks
  • Preview CRM info
  • Customer Routing
  • ZOHO CRM Integration
  • ZOHO Mail Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Spotfone VoIP Integration

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We adapt Magic SalesMap to your own business process.

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Your own branding, your own needs, we adapt it to your own customers, your own business workflow, your own users...


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  • Everything in Standard
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • SQL Queries
  • Customized Icons
  • RRSS Integration
  • Gamification
  • Early features access
  • Custom integrations
  • Priority support

Advanced class features with customazible Solutions and professional support.

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Our Support team is here to the rescue.

  • Multi-language Support in English, Spanish, German, French or Russian
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  • Turnkey installations and solutions
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